How long will it take to arrive?

From the date of purchase it is anything from a 1-2 week processing time depending on how busy I am, plus shipping. It is just me making your orders and I can only work so fast! Currently postage is a little slow, due to COVID-19, so the shipping may take a little longer once posted. Everything in the SOPH, and WINTER 2020 collections are made to order, so things from there will take a little longer. However, everything in the RECLAIMED and WEAR WHAT YOU WANT and GROOVY BABY collections are pre-made so will be posted the next business day, and should arrive within 1 week of purchase!

I don't know what size to get!?

X-small- 4/6

Small- 6/8

Medium- 10/12

Large- 14/16

I aim to be inclusive with my sizing, but if you have any specific questions contact me below via the CONTACT button! Or DM me on Instagram, @_sophsews

Do you still sell things on Depop?

Occasionally! However, I am giving this website thing a go, due to Depop fees, and the bartering nature of Depop not being suited to my handmade set price clothing. If you'd like to see what I do have on Depop its @sophienancy

What happens if I want to return?

Anything from the SOPH and WINTER 2020 collections are not able to be returned due to the nature of it being made to order. However, any other garments are able to be returned for a full refund, with you covering the cost of postage, just enquire on my contact form below if you need to return something. (This is different for custom orders, so keep reading!) I am a small business so I am still working out the balance of keeping my customers happy when they want to return garments and being paid adequately for the time and effort that does go into creating clothes. This policy will be updated if necessary.

How do custom orders work?

If you want to order something that is completely unique and custom made for you, I require a non-refundable deposit, which is half of the cost of the garment, to be paid before making. The cost of custom orders is worked out by adding the cost of any fabric plus a charge of £10/hour of making. I am happy to provide you with a quote for any custom design, just enquire through the contact form, the Custom Orders page or through my Instagram DMs on @_sophsews !

Can I return a custom order?

Due to the nature of custom orders being completely tailored to you, I do not provide full refunds, which is what the non-refundable deposit is for, in order to cover my time in case you are not satisfied with the order and would like to return it. 

What happens to returned custom orders?

SOPHIE NANCY tries to be as sustainable as possible! Therefore returned custom orders will be listed under the reclaimed collection and sold on, or they will be reworked into new garments. 

I read through all this and you still didn't answer my question!?!

That's okay! You can contact me through the CONTACT button below, and I'll be happy to answer anymore questions you have!